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What We Do

Progressive Paediatrics provides evidence-informed individual therapy for children & youth. Parents define the concerns. Therapists define the intervention.

We aim to:

  • Optimize children’s development

  • Address fine & gross motor skills, communication concerns, sleep issues, feeding & nutrition concerns, delayed toilet training, lack of play skills, sensory differences, challenging behaviors, difficulties with social interaction and school-related challenges

  • Support children experiencing anxiety and other mental health challenges

  • Help children heal from accidents and injury


At Progressive Paediatrics Inc we strive to work with Caregivers, Physicians, Clinicians, and other members of your child's care team to provide the best services possible. If there is something you are looking for but don't see below please reach out to us as we may be able to help. 




ElmTree Clinic Appointments

The ElmTree clinic is specifically designed for children aged 6 and under. Children ages 7 yr plus can be scheduled at this location on a case by case basis with their 

 Therapist.  ElmTree Clinic is a regulating and calming space with a home away from home feel to it.  

ElmTree clinic appointments can be booked online.


Home/Community Appointments

Progressive Paediatric Inc serves clients in the Edmonton and Area.  
We calculate the Edmonton Area as a 35 KM radius from our office location at 10010 162 St NW Edmonton. If you are located outside this area and would like to schedule an in home appointment with any of our therapist please contact the reception directly via our contact us page. 




FSCD Family Managed Contracts

Our Team is here to support you and your family through your Family Managed FSCD contract. Our staff have years of experience working on multidisciplinary teams to help your family/child achieve their goals. Our team will be able to complement your clinical needs as well as work with other clinicians in the community to round out your services. Our administrative team has the knowledge and support to help with all your administrative needs, such as budget tracking, billing etc. 


School Services


Occupational Therapy


Speech Therapy


Registered Nurse 


Registered Dietitian


Behaviour Consulting






Therapy Assistants


Paediatric Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapy is concerned with promoting independence in activities of everyday life – or ‘occupations.’ Children’s occupations include: reaching developmental milestones, play, self care (eating, sleeping, dressing, grooming, bathing), academic tasks (handwriting, fine motor skills, attention/focus), and socializing.
Paediatric occupational therapists can evaluate a child’s strengths, as well as difficulties, in critical developmental areas and design interventions that promote the healthy development of skills needed for success with daily activities (occupations). They evaluate the environment, sensory processing, muscle functioning, positioning, coordination, and other areas when determining the cause of decreased skill. Once the cause is identified, the therapist works on these underlying areas of need so that they improve the foundational skills, not just a “splinter” skill or a skill that is beneficial at this time and may not be beneficial in the future.

Paediatric Speech-Language Pathologists

Paediatric speech-language pathologists work to help children communicate effectively by assisting with the improvement of their verbal and non-verbal language skills. They also help with things like feeding and swallowing abilities.


Children see speech-language pathologists for a variety of reasons, including difficulty:

  • Feeding or swallowing – unable to safely eat or drink age-appropriate foods and liquids

  • Articulating certain sounds

  • With fluent speech – stuttering

  • Using words, phrases, and sentences to communicate at an age appropriate level – needs help using words to communicate and/or turning words into phrases

  • Understanding information such as directions or questions – needs help understanding words spoken to them

  • Organizing information and regulating behavior

Paediatric Registered Dietitians

A paediatric registered dietitian focuses on the dietary needs of children and adolescents. Their work is important for educating children and families on good nutritional practices and counselling the families of kids with specific dietary needs such as those with food allergies, sensitivities or medical conditions.


Here is a list of some of the things that a registered dietician can help with: 


  • Growth Assessment: if your child is under or overweight, a dietitian can help you understand this better. A paediatric dietitian will do a comprehensive assessment and explain it all to you, growth charts, lab work (if any) and if your child's weight or growth is a concern. 

  • Picky Eating: many paediatric dieticians are uniquely trained to help parents with picky eaters. Whether it is part of their normal development or more extreme. They can help you with strategies and wording to use with your children to make mealtimes easier.

  • Special Health Concerns: if your child has special healthcare needs from developmental disabilities to food allergies to other specific health conditions a paediatric dietitian can help you meet their nutrition needs for growth.

  • Starting Solids: the first time you feed your baby can feel scary! A paediatric dietitian can help you understand key signs of readiness, the best feeding method for you and how to meet their unique nutrient needs for growth.

Child Athletes: kids have very specific nutrition needs for growth and development, throw competitive sports in there and those needs increase. A paediatric dietitian can help you make sure your kids get all they need + help them fuel for competition.

Nurse Practitioners 

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Educational Behavioural Consultants

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Paediatric Physiotherapists 

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Therapy Assistants 

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