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Psycho-Educational Assesment

Progressive Paediatrics offers PSYCHO-EDUCATIONAL ASSESSMENT for school-aged children and youth. Psycho-educational assessment helps define and/or diagnose learning challenges or exceptionalities so that school programming can be adjusted to meet the child's needs. It can also help parents understand their child's strengths and weaknesses and potential  impacts on future development.  

Children can struggle at home and in school for a variety of reasons. When a child is having trouble making progress in school, is struggling with academic skills (e.g., reading, writing, math), attention problems, or anxiety, or is demonstrating exceptional skills and may need more of a challenge, an assessment can help gain more information as to what supports are needed. Progressive Paediatrics offers a team of professionals that will help determine the best ways to support your child’s education, development, and functioning.


Benefits of assessment: 

  • Understanding of personal strengths

  • Identification of challenges

  • Further information on individual challenges

  • How an individual learns best

  • Identify next steps for support

  • Access resources in schools and the community

  • Clear diagnosis, if applicable

  • A plan for the future.

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