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Family Time

FSCD Family Managed Services

The FSCD program works with eligible families to provide support and services based on each child and family’s needs.

A family may qualify for Developmental Support or Specialized Services through their FSCD Contract. 

Family Managed Services (FMS) is a funding option that enables families  to hire and direct their own staff to support their child. When you hire and pay an individual or organization to provide services for your child or family, you need to follow laws, standards and other requirements of an employer. At Progressive Paediatrics Inc, we help families to ensure that all of these requirements are taken care of. 

We are here to support your child's goals through your Family Managed Agreement with FSCD

Our highly skilled clinicians are here to help your child and family reach their goals. Our Occupational Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists, Behavioural Consultants, and Therapy Assistants all have experience working within a multidisciplinary approach to ensure your family and child receives cohesive and meaningful services.  

We work alongside you (the family) to set, track and reach your goals. 

Why choose us?

For more information or to set up a meeting
with our team simply 

Email us at m.malasheski@progressivepaediatrics, fill out the form on our contact us page, or call 587-501-9926

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